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Gun Breakfast Club Group

Gun Club Breakfast Group

Affiliation with Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)

and Riverside Gun Club/Range (RGCR)

The Gun club Breakfast Group (GCBG) was established to encourage the 2nd amendment through a social gathering of like-minded individuals. The club meets twice monthly at local restaurants for a great breakfast and supper discussion of the aspects of firearms. Our main goal is SAFETY while enjoying America’s number one hobby.

No one gun owner or concealed carrier knows it all. The purpose of the Gun Club Breakfast Group is to promote and foster good sportsmanship, to educate the sportsmen of tomorrow in the safe handling of firearms through safety courses, safe reloading, maintenance, cleaning and to influence the proper protection of oneself and family.
All members are encouraged to join local ranges and support them through memberships. Club members participate in many evets at these local clubs.
Members are encouraged to support and join the Riverside Gun Club/Range which is the main range for our club. If they are not a member of Riverside, members always can participate as a guest of one of those members that have membership privileges at the Riverside Club.
The GCBG has available programs for new shooters, new reloaders, pistol/rifle training, and range officers. Many of our members are certified in many aspects of firearms, instruction and education. Many of our members are current NRA and USCCA members.
GCBG is governed by an elected board of directors. The five (5) directors are elected by a vote of the club members. Voting is yearly to elect directors whose three (3) year term has expired. Officers are elected by the directors with the president/contact being elected in odd years and the membership officer elected in even years. Instructors/RSO are appointed by the directors.



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Yearly Membership - $10.00- use the app below to register and payment of membership.

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